Firstly – thank you for taking the time to visit this page. I have started Climate Refuge as a start-up think tank on the issue of climate change in relation to migration. In my opinion there is currently not enough being done on this topic,
let alone on tackling climate change itself. While a lot of progress has been made in the past years in terms of awareness and initiatives, ranging from UK newspaper The Guardian making a statement on climate change, to the efforts of the Pope or President Obama, still we are being held back by nay-sayers. A lot of US politicians do not accept the notion of climate change.

When looking at the topic of climate change, this blog will focus on migration in relation to climate change. What to do when countries start disappearing? What to do when natural borders change? Frankly, I don’t know, but I wish to find out. This blog is a journey on how to find out and what should be (in my opinion) best practice. Feel free to disagree; I am not claiming I have all the answers and discussion forms discourse.

In December 2015 COP21 will be held in Paris. COP21 is the 21st edition of the Convention of Parties. Basically nations come together during this event and try to agree on solutions as how to tackle climate change. As you might have guessed, this is kind of a big deal. Leading up to the event, negotiations have already taken place and individual countries have started to submit their pledges on what they aim to achieve. All these efforts combined should result in a climate deal between all states. I say ‘should’ result in a deal, a lot of states disagree on how to approach this topic. But I believe there is momentum.

Since this is a big deal, leading up to the event, I will blog on facts and figures important for this event. I will take the time and opportunity to explain what is being discussed and why this is important. I believe not enough people know why this event is important and why everyone should get involved.

Many thanks,

Rene Perey
Founder of Climate Refuge

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Rene Perey

Rene Perey